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PhD Studies

If you are interested in pursuing PhD studies at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences within the Mathematical Imaging Group you can contact Kalle Åström or Fredrik Kahl. The studies are usually five years. During this period 20% of the time is used for teaching, 40% for taking graduate courses in mathematics and 40% of the time is devoted to research.

Successful research in the Mathematical Imaging Group require both a good background and interest in mathematical sciences (mathematics, mathematical statistics and numerical analysis) as well as a broad interest and competence in computer vision, programming and related subjects. When we review applications we want the applicant to have studied mathematics on at least the level of the engineering physics or engineering mathematics programs, but having more courses in e.g. optimization, algebra, analysis, matrix theory, ordinary and partial differential equations, harmonical analysis is useful. The engineering mathematics program and its courses can be found at,

Practical information about PhD studies at the faculty can be found at,

The PhD studies consists of 120 ECST credits of PhD courses in mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry and specialized courses. The study plan can be found at, (only available in swedish)

Feel free to also study the information about the research within the group.


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