- object-oriented microarray analysis in 100% R1

Version ERROR: Please tell hb@maths.lth.se about this!, 2001-2003

Henrik Bengtsson
Division for Mathematical Statistics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University, Sweden


The com.braju.sma package has been renamed to aroma (An R Object-oriented Microarray Analysis environment).

All this means in practice is that one have to do


instead of library(com.braju.sma). The latter will try to load the aroma package for backward compatibility. Everything else is as before.


For details about the aroma package, see http://www.maths.lth.se/help/R/aroma/.


If you just updated the com.braju.sma package and get the message

> library(com.braju.sma)
Loading required package: aroma
The com.braju.sma package is deprecated and replaced by (renamed to) the aroma p
ackage, which is not installed. Do you want to install now (requires a web conne
ction)? [Y/n]:

type ENTER to install the aroma package instead. The use library(aroma) instead.